“Made in Germany” stands for a high quality standard in China. As a result of several scandals in the past, particularly regarding food and beverages, Chinese consumers rely on goods manufactured in Germany.

At the same time, many medium-sized manufacturers in Germany and in other European countries have already discovered the market potential for their products in China. They often receive enquiries and, for instance during trade exhibitions, Chinese visitors show a lot of interest in their products.

We support producers who, due to lack of time, bad experience or other reasons, have not yet ventured to enter the Chinese market, in distributing and marketing their products. The key issue here is to find reliable importers with good distribution networks. In order to achieve this goal, we make use of our own existing networks, which we develop constantly by travelling to China regularly.

Furthermore, we are able to handle the entire export procedure for our German and European partners. For all activities, we benefit from the fact that our staff includes Chinese employees.

Since early 2018, we have been steadily extending our product portfolio. For example, we now cooperate with a manufacturer of dietary supplements. We are also working on the development of private labels with some of our Chinese partners. Finally, we have established exclusive distribution agreements with some of our manufacturing partners.