Emerging Markets


South and Far East Asia

Traditionally companies looked to South and Far East Asia to purchase and manufacture supplies at competitive rates. The productive capabilities, driven by low wages, strong work ethic and high standards of education, resulted in rapid growth in the region. As a result, countries like China, India, Taiwan, Myanmar and Thailand boast fast improving living standards. For us this means that these countries will soon belong to our most important sales markets for all are product ranges.

In the beginning of the year our management team made 4 week business trip through South and Far East Asia, during which existing relationships were revitalized and new contacts were established. In addition, we have been making strong business developments efforts to expand reach in Asia.


As an export company founded in 1922, it has always been our mainstay to be able to establish trade links to countries, which producers we’re not able to reach efficiently, for lack of information and due to increased risks. Today most countries may be accessible, but transaction risks, bureaucracy, corruption and a lack of reliable partners makes still makes it extremely difficult for producers to reach these markets. This is also true for a lot of countries that otherwise show very strong potential. Our Africa business builds on a first class knowledge base and reliable contacts, based on which we were able to realize many export endeavors. This particularly applies to our industrial goods trading division.

Other Emerging Markets

In addition to our ventures in Africa and South East Asia, our trading network has reaches into the Middle East as well as Latin America. Please contact us to find our more about this.