The international procurement of industrial and commercial goods is one of our main competencies. Our team has the expertise and experience to procure a formidable variety of goods, ranging from Swiss Watches to Mini Power Plants.

Project and Trade Finance

We have the capability to fund and financially manage large scale projects and transactions. International activities, such as the entry into foreign markets, international partnerships or global transport orders, can carry substantial risks, especially for companies that are new to the international playing field. Our financial strategy is aimed at safeguarding the international engagements of our trading partners, reducing their transaction risks and providing certainty. We are uniquely positioned to do so due to our substantial experience and our specialization in international trade.

We employ several financial instruments to reduce the risk of international transactions --

  • Letters of Credit
  • Bank Guaranties
  • Documentary Collection
  • Credit Insurances
The effectiveness of these instruments depends squarely on the precision and cost efficiency with which they are applied. Through our experienced and specifically trained staff we can guaranty their effective application.

Contract Management

We offer our customers substantial flexibility with regards to payment and delivery terms. We have made it or aim to continuously improve our partnerships through the efficient application of contracts.


Effective supply chain management is essential in structuring international deals that add value. As part of our logistics operation, we efficiently integrate internal and external activities in order to ensure timely delivery from and to different parts of the world.

In order to manage worldwide procurement initiatives in a cost effective manner, we can bundle the efforts of differently positioned service providers.