General Trading


The success of our general trading division is based on a strategic bundling of tasks that serve 4 key functions – Procurement/Sales, Finance, Legal and Logistics.

Procurement and Sales

  • Active Business Development
  • Visits of a large number of trade fairs each year
  • Investments in large business trips and roadshows to expand our network


  • Financing of purchasing activities
  • Financing of transport orders
  • Safeguarding transactions through the pointed application of financial instruments such as letters of credit, documentary collection etc.


  • Revision of customs codes and trade laws of various countries
  • Our team engages with all parts of international trade law that are relevant to the import/export business (e.g. CISG, EU Law, the laws of our target countries)


  • We have enlisted the support of a number of global logistics providers and are able to bundle their activities in order to find efficient transport solutions.
  • Our logistics and procurement strategy is developed to maximize flexibility. We can thus react to possible hold ups by quickly re-routing deliveries.