As a general trading and export company, we pride our self’s in establishing trade links to markets that cannot be supplied by the producers themselves efficiently. Being a “middleman”, we add value in the following ways:

We continuously expand our global network of trading partners and hence have substantial capacity providing a link between buyers and sellers that are located in different parts of the world.Our partners on the seller’s side profit form this informational advantage as it allows them to reach into new markets more easily. In turn we can reduce search costs for procuring specific products at competitive prices on the buyer’s side.

As direct reliable partner in trade we absorb parts of the legal, financial and operative risks, which can arise as when stepping up to the international stage.

Export is our daily business. Through experience, specific training and the right contacts we can execute international transactions with greater routine than most. This results in substantial efficiency and cost savings as our partners outsource part of their export or procurement activities to us.

USA & Europa

Winter, Reisner & Co has excellent relationships with trading partners throughout the western hemisphere. We support these partners with procurement and conventional general trading activities.

Maritime Markets

Cruise Line and Ferries are increasingly popular among travelers and represent growing segments of the tourism sector. Consequently the supply of consumables to cruise line and ferry operators is of growing importance to us.

Emerging Markets

For over 90 years we have been active in countries, which today are defined as “emerging markets”. The most important target regions for these activities are Sub-Saharan Africa as well as East and Southeast Asia.

Risk in Emerging Markets

As a resultof cultural and institutional differences in the business environment trading in the emerging markets carries distinct risks with it. We apply a vigorous and clear approach to the management of these risks.